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Tiny fingers are so sweet to count

Love, Communication, and Commitment – I am ready to support you in delivering your precious baby.

Each service requires a deposit at the time of booking, and the remainder is due by 36 weeks.

If you are looking to have my services covered by your insurance check out my Insurance Coverage Blog which will explain how to do that. Otherwise, if you are unsure about prices and/or affordability, please reach out to see if there are any discounts we can provide based on your income and specific situation.

Basic Birth Package

Two prenatal meetings, birth plan, on-call 36 weeks, Doula Tools, Unlimited Labor Service, and one hour of postpartum support.

Price starts at $1000.00

$350.00 deposit total remaining due at 36 weeks.

Premier Birth and Postpartum Package

Everything in the Basic Birth Package AND two extra prenatal meetings and two postpartum visits.

Price starts at $1,100.00

$400.00 deposit total remaining due at 36 weeks.

Total Birth and Postpartum Package Ultra

Everything in Premier Birth and Postpartum package AND Comfortable Upright Birth Chair for labor/birth. 2hrs plus breastfeeding support after birth and 2-3 Postpartum visits as needed.

Price Starts at $1,500.00

$500.00 deposit total remaining due at 36 weeks.


“[Salerno-Rae] is a very dear friend of mine that I knew I wanted next to me throughout my whole pregnancy. We talked every day, she was with me from the moment I found out I was pregnant to the moment I had Rayleigh Ann ([Salerno’s] namesake). There was even a scary moment when I thought I could lose her because I was bleeding in my no-no square… Rae dropped everything she was doing and headed to the hospital I was at, which was over an hour from her home! It turned out to be a hemorrhoid situation thanks to my first daughter. Rae was super understanding and supportive regardless. She calmed my fears knowing I had lost a child many years before and just needed reassurance. I ended up going into labor a couple hours before midnight, [Salerno] was available for me, and as excited as I was I think! I had no epidural because of a bad experience with my first, I was so scared and worried I couldn’t do it. Rae talked me through everything, massaged my back, shoulders and even ran her calming hands through my hair. My labor lasted 12 hours, [Salerno] talked to the nurses and asked questions, she was very thorough and I trusted her completely. (Still do!) When Rayleigh came into the world she came into a calm environment with so much love. Two months later we found out that Rayleigh had a heart defect and needed open-heart surgery. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through, but guess who was at the hospital bringing me nursing cookies and calming reassurances… [Salerno]. She is a true miracle and blessing to me and my family. This is something she has an unbelievable amount of passion for, if you hire her, you will never regret your decision!

Lauren W

Let me help you with creating your personalized Birth Plan today!

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