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Dandelion & Nettle – 2 oz. tincture, Regular


This tincture helps to eliminate excess fluids, swelling and edema, while supplying the body with abundant vitamins and minerals. This is a great herbal product for pregnant women (or anyone) who is experiencing water retention. Dandelion Leaf is a nutritive herb that works as a gentle diuretic. Unlike other synthetic diuretics which can deplete the body of Potassium, Dandelion Leaf is loaded with readily-absorbable levels of Postassium to help supplement the system. (Dandelion Leaf and Dandelion Root work very differently – the leaf traditionally works as described here, whereas the root traditionally works more as a liver cleansing and supportive herb.)

The Nettle is also highly nutritive and helps support the kidneys in aiding the elimination of the excess water. As a side benefit, Nettle is one of the best herbs for lessening allergies and hay fever. Both herbs are extremely high in vitamins and minerals and are very nutritious.

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Organic Nettle Leaf and Dandelion Leaf. The regular tincture is extracted in organic grape alcohol and the non-alcohol version is extracted in organic vegetable glycerine and distilled water. All Herb Lore tinctures are non-GMO and are gluten-free.


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