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Reach out today so I can support you through your pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond. All women, especially Deaf women, deserve empowered births. Let me support you so you can have your dream birth.

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Steps to Doula Services!
Step 1
Intake Form
Intake Form
Step 2
Initial Consultation
1. Client History
2. Client Goals
3. Doula services
Step 3
Agree to hire me as YOUR doula and discuss contract agreement.
Step 4
Contract and Payment
Sign Contract ($350- $500 Deposit Due Depending on Service Selected) ****See payment options below
Step 5
Birth Plan
Client Prep-
Start on your Birth Plan
Step 6
Initial Prenatal Meeting
1. Birth Plan/Client History
2. Answer Questions
3. ChildBirth Education ASL with Visuals
Step 5
Pay remaining balance on or before 36 weeks ****See payment options below
Step 6
Ongoing Prenatal meetings closer to your birth.
1. Birth Plan Changes
2. Accommodations for birth
3. Doula bag preview
4. Tips to prepare
5. Labor Signs
Step 7
Birth Your Baby Your Way!
1. Doula on call from 38 weeks till birth.
2. Contact doula with signs of early labor.
3. Have baby! I will be there every step of the way with you to support.
Step 8
Postpartum Support
Postpartum support meetings/support as needed.
1. Breastfeeding/Bottle Feeding
2. Review/feedback/photos (if requested)

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