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Ask the Deaf Doula

Do you have questions? I’d LOVE to answer them. Here are a few I’ve received so far!

What is your birthing philosophy?

What feels right to mom. The strength of a mother’s body proves that childbirth is natural. If mothers feel supported and comfortable and know what their bodies need, they can have the birth they want. Mothers need to feel safe. Like animals in the wild, if mothers do not feel safe, that flight or fight response could end up causing a mother to run and hide to give birth. For women, it is evident that the fight or flight is a physical response. Women who do not feel safe or nurtured will not progress through the birth stages as quickly. Some mothers will fight the contractions instead of accepting. Thus, causing the need for more external interventions that would not otherwise be needed. Moms feeling safe makes for a healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby. I want to support mothers so they can have THEIR dream births, whatever that may include.

Do you have a backup Doula?

No, I do not. I am a new Doula in DFW. I plan to only take two births a month in the beginning. That way, I can devote all of my time to caring for my new moms and their pregnancy journeys. Later, if and when there becomes a need to have more than two birthing mothers in a month, I hope to find another Deaf mother who is as passionate about supporting other mothers as I am and adding to my Doula team. As for now, though, I am the only Doula at Dare2Doula by Salerno. 

Prenatal appointments- what are they, and what will we talk about in the meeting??

These are the fun visits where we get to know each other. You can find out how I plan to support you, and I can find out how your pregnancy is going. We can discuss everything from your previous birth experiences (pros and cons), your birth plan (and create one if you haven’t yet), and even discuss procedures that providers might offer you at the hospital and the risks and benefits. I want to get to know more about you and your birth partner and those who will support you in labor and delivery. We can discuss so much information that you don’t want to miss out on these appointments.

Between prenatal appointments will we ever hear from you?

I am always an email, text message, or videophone call away. I ALWAYS try to respond within 24 hours to all emails. If you are notifying me of birth, I will be ‘on call’ and ready to go, but otherwise, I may be supporting another mother with labor/delivery and will get back to you as soon as possible. Should you have any medical questions, though, you always want to send those to your provider. I will check in on you weekly and remind you of necessary dates/appointments as they come up. We also have a Facebook group that is only open to our clients so that you guys can connect with other parents, ask questions, and share in your journey and excitement with others who have birthed with me and will be. I hope we become great friends!

These are just a few questions I’ve received so far- Thank you for asking.

Feel free to send more questions!


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