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Unassisted Home birth

Birth Your Way

This blog post is in NO way suggesting that you ignore the advice of your medical professionals (Ie: Midwife, Doctor), but I want to be sure that you understand your right to communicate what you want for your birth. I birthed my last baby (August of 2019) in my home unassisted. I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes apart, and they were steady. I had family there who requested for me not to add their names. If I remember correctly, I only had a bite or two before labor progressed faster. I pushed out my little one within the hour. I chose unassisted for this birth because I did not have a good relationship with my providers, and I felt safer at home. I worried that at the hospital, I was not going to have adequate communication with my providers. Until that point, I was struggling with having interpreters at all of my appointments. Even with an interpreter, I felt I was not receiving all of the critical information I needed. I felt like my questions were never fully answered.

Listen to your gut instinct or mother’s instinct- whatever you call it.

The day I was having contractions, I drove to the hospital for a regular appointment. My midwife checked me, and she told me to go back home because I was not dilated enough; although I was having contractions, the midwife said it was false labor. I was already three days past my due date (which was initially August 20, 2019. I knew my body, and I knew I would have my daughter that day. I drove myself home despite my better judgment, and by that time, my older children made it home from school; I was in active labor. I labored long enough for my daughter to be born just as God planned for her. I birthed her on my bed. She was healthy as can be. StayBlessed- Little Aniela Noemi on August 23, 2019, at home.


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