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What to pack in your Birth Bag?

Many moms get so excited as the due date nears that they end up packing multiple bags to bring with them to delivery. I am writing this to ease your mind. After giving birth 3x here is what you will really need to take with you to the hospital or birth center.

Not as much as you think

Diapers– if you are giving birth at the hospital, they will generally provide all the diapers you need. If it makes you feel comfortable, pack a small pack of newborn diapers. If you are giving birth at a birthing center, check with them for sure, but most often, you will be leaving home with your bundle of joy within a few hours, so you only need a few diapers.

Formula- Newborn babies don’t drink much the first few days. Newborns drink 2-3 ounces per feeding every 3-4 hours. Again if you are at a hospital, they will also usually provide you with what your baby needs when you are there.

Equipment– Carseat, bottles (for formula-fed babies)

Clothes– 3-5 onesies, sleepers (depending on weather), hat, blanket, swaddle blanket. (Hospital). 1-2 outfits, and a hat/blanket/swaddle (Birth Center).

For Mom– Hospital- button up PJs and nursing bra if breastfeeding, toiletries, phone charger, Birth Center- everything from the hospital plus overnight pads as hospitals provide this but not all birth centers do.

Doula– Bringing your baby home can be a little overwhelming, but having a postpartum doula can help at least for the first 18 hours can be a tremendous help. Even things as simple as helping mom and dad establish routines, getting a little rest, and getting home support (family/friends) established can be part of the plan.

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