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Will my Insurance cover Doula Fees?

Everyone asks the same questions and I thought it would be best to make a simple blog about it. Short answer.. Possibly….

We all know the MANY benefits of having a doula:

  • Attention to physical comfort through touch/pressure points/massage and breathing techniques.
  • Emotional reassurance, support, comfort, and encouragement throughout the pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
  • Ongoing communication and information during labor about what is happening to her body and baby, information about after-birth, and explanations of procedures.
  • Guidance and support for birthing partners to be as involved and hands-on in the labor and delivery process as you decide.
  • Assistance with breastfeeding after delivery

How do these sound?

  • Less pain medication is needed during labor.
  • Less chance of an unscheduled/planned cesarean birth, epidural use, or other labor procedures.
  • Shorter labor
  • More positive childbirth experience
  • More fluid communication about what is happening during labor and birth
  • Better chances for higher APGAR scores
  • Lower NICU admittance rates

That’s right- insurance companies like to hear these things too.

What to do?

CALL and ASK if they will cover all Doula expenses or only some of the costs. Because this is so new, you may need to explain a few things to them.

Dare2Doula is on the NPI registry which means I have a National Provider Identifier number specifically for covered health care providers.

If they are unable to find it have them look up Doula Coverages with one of the following CPT codes (Current Procedural Terminology -American Medical Association):

  • Birth Doula 99499) for Evaluation and Management Services/Labor Support
  • Postpartum doula services (99501 and/or 99502).

How to get it covered

1.) Pay for Dare2Doula By Salerno Services in full. When you receive an invoice from me it will include the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • NPI Number
  • Date and Location services were provided
  • CPT codes and diagnosis codes
  • Doula Signature

You will submit this invoice with a claim form to your insurance (they can provide you this).

Within 4-6 weeks you should receive correspondence (letter) of the need for more information, they will process it or it is not a covered expense. Other options available to discuss if needed at that point.

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